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Dies ist das Webspace-Angebot für die Premium-Nutzer des Projekt Star Wars.



Kein Hochladen von illegalen Programmen, Volksmusik, Raubkopien, rechtsradikalem Material und ähnlichem!

(Siehe auch: Gesunder Menschenverstand.)


Any illegal, immoral, degrading, disgusting, or any other type of obnoxious content will not tolerated and is therefore banned from this site. If you decide to display any such materials on this site, it will be deleted by the site administrator with or without notice.

Gambling is not permitted on our server(s). Therefore, you may not have any gambling content on your website.

Phishing is not allowed on our server(s). If you are trying to advertise or take people to another website, do it somewhere else or some other way.

We will protect your information to the extent allowed by law.

Your username and the answer to your secret question on this website are encrypted, however there is still a chance that somebody could your login information. Because of this, we recommend that you use a something that, in the event that it was intercepted, would not harm you.

Your IP address, Operating System, Browser Information, and any other information that your computer sends us may be logged. Keep this in mind if you try to do something illegal on this server!

Following inital set-up, if an account remains inactive for 30 days it will be supended (you will not be notified), 30 days after suspension the account will then be deleted (you will not be notified). If you find your account has been suspended please contact Support to request re-activation. If the account remains inactive for 30 days following re-activation it will be deleted (you will not be notified).

These terms and conditions are subject to change with or without notice to you or anyone.